Site of interest

  1. Radio BBC

  2. Radio VOA

  3. Radio Rwanda

  4. Radio Salus

  5. Radio Contact FM

  6. Radio France International

  7. Inyarwanda.com

  8. Jobs in Rwanda

  9. WiderNet, IT and rural projects in Africa

  10. Rwanda-online (Websites by category)

  11. Rwandan web sites

  12. Consulate of Canada in USA, Buffalo, NY

  13. Weather, with links to add on your website (codes)

  14. Kinyarwanda dictionary (Kinyarwada -English etc)

  15. Some codes: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/imagegallery/

  16. Inyana School




  1. World-link, IT project in Africa

  2. Dakota State University

  3. IT Related Definitions

  4. Internet Glossary

  5. Security Glossary (Virus, Worm, etc): Microsoft

  6. Security Glossary (Virus, Worm, etc): F-Secure

  7. F-Secure Virus Descriptions

  8. Translate a webpage to any language

  9. Web Development, Jacob Nielsen

  10. Advanced Web Design

  11. Compare book prices

  12. Buy text books (used and new) at half.com

  13. Google: Dealing with issues of Google search engine.

  14. Used computers, laptop

  15. Used computers, Canada

  16. Home made antennas (wireless connection)